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Mindful Movement Through Yoga

Meet Ché 

Yoga Coach 

Yoga has been a wonderful way of life since 1999 when I happened to stumble across the practice at a time of life when I felt lost and lacking in direction. Ever since I began practicing Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness I have grown spiritually and learned important tools to help me through all challenges I have faced including trauma, anxiety, and depression.

My passion is helping and supporting students to find their own inner power and learn how to use the ancient ways of yoga to navigate all obstacles. I will help you develop regular practice and encourage you to spend time nurturing your own inner self. I will guide you towards healthy thoughts and habits to enrich your life alongside your practice. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, and negative thinking, or if you feel that you are not fulfilling your true potential then I encourage you to start practicing today.


Yoga and meditation will change your life in such a profound way and give you the tools to stay connected to love whilst learning to manage fears. Once you learn how to control your mind and focus on what makes you feel good there is no space for anxiety, stress, or depression, only LOVE.


The Vinyasa-style classes are currently run in Woodley on Monday morning at 09:15 and evening at 18:30 as well as Friday morning at 09:15. On Thursday morning at 10:30, there is a Yin-style yoga class for mature students over sixty years. 

Whether you are just starting your yoga practice or have been enjoying the mat for some years, you are always welcome to join our lovely group of yogis. 

If you have specific needs and prefer to work 1:1 then please do get in touch. Over the years I have worked with a number of students suffering from various ailments and had really good results. 

See you on the mat.

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Meet Che
Why Yoga

Why Yoga?

It can help with


Yoga starts by dropping into the physical body and teaches you how to move mindfully whilst improving strength, flexibility and posture.


Through yogic breathing exercises, you are able to navigate different levels of consciousness. It has a biological effect on mental, emotional and physical states. 


Yoga prepares the body for meditation which reduces stress hormones and toxicity both physically and energetically in the body/mind. It brings a deeper awareness of what needs to be released.


The practice encourages you to slow down and drop into your breath whilst focusing on the present moment.


Yoga helps raise awareness of healthy thoughts and a healthy body. Making better choices towards nutrition. 


Yoga helps manage stress levels, leaving you feeling deeply connected to inner peace.  



I started 121 yoga with Ché a few years ago after struggling to get my health under control and being unable to conceive my second child. I live with an autoimmune condition that affects my joints and had read that yoga has been proven to help with this. I chose Ché because she was local to me and from our first session, I felt happy and comfortable with my choice. Ché is super friendly and encouraging as well as professional and knowledgeable about health and nutrition.

Amanda Richardson



Retreats 2024

Evening and day Retreats are held in the Yoga Barn in Knowl Hill, Berkshire. Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Sound Journey and delicious food. 


Monthly 1:1

This is a monthly package that allows you to personalise your practice with the 1:1 guide of a teacher. Each week we will meet for 40mins at a time that suits you.


Weekly Group Classes

Vinyasa Yoga allows you to learn to move mindfully with your breath. Each class is designed to move the body in all directions, at a pace that suits you. All abilities welcome.


1:1 Yoga Coaching

This package allows you 6 x 60min sessions to focus on your personalised practice. Develop harder poses, learn philosophy or devote your time and space to growth within all guided in a safe space. 


Your Yoga Journey Starts Here

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Ruscombe, Twyford, Berkshire

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