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I am an African girl who loves the ocean and thrives on adventure. I am most happy when in nature near water and love the inner peace that comes with being outdoors. I am truly blessed to live in Woodley, Berkshire where the countryside, lakes and rural life is right upon my doorstep. 


Yoga became a way of life for me back in 1999 at a time where I was lost, feeling stressed and lacking passion.   


My practice began with a physical focus on movement, postures and sequences which left me feeling open and strong. At first, I was not really into the philosophical teachings of the practice but it certainly took me inward toward the workings of my mind and when I was ready and open to learning it all made perfect sense.


I now find these ancient teachings fascinating and so helpful when navigating through this hectic world we live in. Staying connected to your inner guidance is so powerful and this is done through meditation and mindfulness.  My meditation practice is my own personal medicine that not only guides me through tough times but is there to give me perspective and gratitude when everything is ticking along nicely.  


In 2013 after the birth of my second daughter, I realised that teaching this beautiful practice to others was my true calling.  I began training as a teacher at a Buddhist centre in London and was blown away by the journey, teachings and expansion of my practice this training brought.  Helping others to find their passion in life, gain direction towards their truth and find deep meaning through yoga and meditation has become the focus of my career. 


I am passionate about teaching adults and children yoga and currently offer various yoga classes within Woodley, Tilehurst, Reading and Sonning. I love watching children learn how to harness their inner wisdom and find the courage to navigate through this beautiful life. 


If you are struggling to switch off the busy mind, have feelings that you're not fulfilling your true potential or searching to find something meaningful to do, then come and give yoga a try. 


Yoga and meditation will change your life in such a profound way and give you the tools to stay connected to love whilst learning to manage fears. Once you learn how to control your mind and focus on what makes you feel good there is no space for anxiety, stress or depression, only LOVE. 



  • Breath focus calms the nervous system

  • Moving meditation to quieten the mind

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Cardiovascular conditioning and calorie burn

  • Muscle development and strength building

  • Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

  • Increase flexibility and mental focus

  • Builds awareness and connection


  • Enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness

  • Improves concentration and sense of calmness

  • Builds a deeper connection with the inner self

  • Develops an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them

  • Yoga brings that marvellous inner light that all children have to the surface.



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Ché's passion for yoga is contagious. She articulates the meaning behind the various themes so that the yoga is not just about the exercise but about helping you to reflect on the way that you do things - even if it is only for that one hour.


Physically the yoga has helped me to rebuild my core strength (it was non existent after having two kids!) and has hugely helped me in increasing my flexibility. I have an ankle injury and Ché has shown me how to personalise the exercises so that I can strengthen my joints.  This is a real strength of Che's as she doesn't just treat you as 'another person' in her class but as an individual. 


If what's holding back from doing yoga is that you're nervous about looking like a newbie (I know that feeling) then Che's beginners classes are perfect for you. Be reassured that she'll help you to take the class at your pace. With no pressure.  


If you are looking for something more advanced then Che will help you to hone, develop and deepen you practice.  


Che has created a yoga advocate in me and that's down to her contagious energy and passion. I really love her classes and would highly recommend them. 

Kathryn Mitchell 

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