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Follow your Light - A Girls guide to Empowerment

When you proactively see others in light, you allow the stream of well-being to flow ~ Gabby Bernstein.

Over the past two decades, I have devoted myself to living a life of spiritual growth. I have shown up each day to connect with the inner goddess and allowed my heart to guide the way. The ancient teachings of yoga and meditation were the beginning of my journey and have led to a deeper understanding of living life from a place of connection and balance with all things.

I have now been called to share this knowledge with young girls and my heart is bursting with excitement.

As a mother of two, I am truly passionate about helping young ladies between 12-16 yrs old learn how to harness their own power, connect to their hearts and live from a place of self-love and acceptance.

In this modern world today, young people have so much to deal with constantly bombarded by messages they see, read and hear on social media, it is no wonder the levels of teenage anxiety, stress and depression are soaring. This class will focus on creating space in which to slow down, disconnect from the outside world and move within to connect more deeply with the body, mind and loving heart.

My intention for these twelve weeks will be to guide the girls into healthy self-care practices using yoga, meditation, breathwork, crystal healing and a deeper understanding of their monthly cycle, to create more balance and well-being in their lives.

Each week we will take time to clear the mind and move the body followed by a short meditation. The focus discussion will change each week including topics such as; creating sacred space, journalling, and crystal healing to name a few.

This class will begin on Thursday 3rd November at 17:10 - 18:30 in St. John's Church Hall, Church Road, Woodley, RG5 4QJ and run for twelve weeks with a break at Christmas. The last class will be on Thursday 15th December returning back on the 12th of January. The investment will include a welcome pack consisting of a self-love crystal grid including crystals, a white sage cleansing stick, a beautiful journal and a cute tote bag to store everything in.

It is important to note that this work is not a quick fix and will become a way of life in order for it to work. I will be opening up spaces to start after half term and should you wish to book please click the link below.

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